Quality System

Vogafjós is a proud member of Vakinn, the official quality and environmental system within Icelandic tourism. It has improved the work done in our company and motivates everyone to be a better employee.

According to www.vakinn.is "The aim of Vakinn is to further quality, safety and environmental awareness within Icelandic tourism and at the same time to strengthen a sense of social responsibility among actors in the field." (http://www.vakinn.is/en/quality-system/tourism)  

The quality accreditation system consists of:
- A star grading system for accommodation.
- Quality certification for Tourism services other than accommodation.

The aim of Vakinn is to strengthen quality, safety and environmental awareness within Icelandic tourism by means of guidance and support and promote social responsibility of tourist service providers in the process.

Quality is a key foundation for success in tourism and with increasing competition customers are getting more selective and quality conscious. Vakinn is an excellent tool for tourism providers to take a comprehensive look at their operations in order to improve performance whether it applies to customer service or internal affairs." (http://www.vakinn.is/en/quality-system/quality-accommodation).