Crater tour


On this 4×4 tour we head to the volcanic craters that erupted thousands of years.

The lava from these crates called the Lúdent crater row created the landscape of the lake Mývatn area as we see it today.

Lava Lúdentaborgir

We will explore these craters and have a look inside lava tubes and explosion craters. We will head up to the rim of the huge explosion crater Lúdentaskál past Hverfjall crater and Dimmuborgir and head to the hills east of lake Mývatn. The view is spectacular there and the drive is through a very schenic area of lava, and old volcanoes and fissures.

In winter we drive this tour in a super-jeep and in summer we use a 4×4 SUV.

Price: 32.000.-ISK per person.

Duration: 3 hours

Included: Guided tour in 4×4Lúdentaborgir1

Bring: Warm clothes, hiking boots, food and water.

*Please note that if you upgrade to Private tour the total price is 132.000.-ISK so only choose 1 person in the drop down menu and upgrade.