Homemade mozzarella cheese
Tomatoes, basil oil and roasted pine nuts.
2.590 isk.

Beef tartare
With Icelandic wasabi, horseradish purée and pickled onion.
2.890 isk.

Wild cured goose
Blueberry sauce, berries, candied pecans and pears.
2.690 isk.

Soup of the day
Served with Geysir bread.
2.590 isk.

Vogafjós raw smoked lamb
Blueberry jam, beetroot, horseradish purée and Geysir bread.
2.690 isk.

Beef carpaccio
Pistachios, rucola and Feykir cheese.
2.690 isk.



Panfried arctic char
Leek butter, spiced mashed potato, pickled onion and fresh salad with our own salad cheese.
4.850 isk.

Beef burger
160 gr. beef from our farm with homemade bread, our own mozzarella, onion, tomatoes and sauce. 
Served with potato wedges, fresh salad and our own salad cheese.
4.250 isk.

Slow cooked lamb shank
Seasoned potato, gravy, homemade rhubarb jam and fresh salad with our own salad cheese.
5.650 isk.

Vogafjós special
- Recommended as a starter for two -
Our own mozzarella, raw smoked lamb, smoked arctic char and dill-cured arctic char, Geysir bread and fresh salad with our own salad cheese. 
5.850 isk.
- With angelica schnapps of the house - 
6.800 isk.

Organic barley from Vallarnes
With cashews, black beans, chilli, apricots and strawberry sauce.
Served with pickled onion, potato wedges and fresh salad.
4.560 isk.

Lamb of the day
Potato wedges, creamy herb sauce and salad with our own salad cheese.
6.400 isk.



Homemade Geysir bread ice cream
With whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce.
2.300 isk.

Icelandic pancakes
With blueberry jam and whipped cream.
2.400 isk.

A trinity of Icelandic cheeses
Three types of cheeses with fruits and nuts.
2.590 isk.

Vogafjós cake
With pecan nuts, chocolate and caramel. Served with whipped cream.
2.300 isk.

Raw cake
With peanuts, chocolate and dates. Served with whipped cream.
2.300 isk.

Homemade cake
Please ask the waiter as we have different variety of homemade cakes from day to day.
Served with whipped cream.
2.300 isk.