Wild cured goose

Blueberry sauce, rucola, cottage cheese
and homemade crackers.

1.790 isk.


Geysir bread

With smoked artic char.

1.290 isk.


Potato wedges

With spicy chives dip and Feykir cheese.

1.430 isk. 


Vogafjós raw smoked lamb

Cottage cheese, blueberry jam and Geysir bread.

1.950 isk.


Homemade mozzarella cheese

Tomatoes, basil oil and Geysir bread

1.950 isk.



Soup of the day

Served with Geysir bread.

2.190 isk.

Grilled mozzarella cheese

With red homemade pesto and garlic bread.

2.190 isk.

Artic char in lime juice

With bell pepper, cucumber, red onion and
fresh salad with our own salad cheese on the side.

2.190 isk.


With rice, cheese, mushrooms, leek, bell peppers and tomatoes. Served with fresh salad with our own salad cheese.

2.890 isk.

- With ham -

2.990 isk.




Vogafjós special

- Recommended as a starter for two - 

Our own mozzarella, raw smoked lamb,
smoked artic char and dill-cured artic char,
Geysir bread and fresh salad with our own salad cheese.

5.200 isk.

- With angelica schnapps of the house - 

6.200 isk.

Panfried artic char

Mashed potato, leek butter and fresh salad

with our own salad cheese.

4.190 isk.

Barley and black beans

Barley, cashews, black beans, chilli and apricots.
Served with pickled onion, potato
wedges and fresh salat.

3.590 isk.

Slow cooked lamb shank

Seasoned potato, gravy, homemade rhubarb jam

 and fresh salad with our own salad cheese.

5.190 isk.

Beef burger

160 gr. beef from our farm in homemade

bun with our own mozzarella, onions, tomatoes

and sauce. Served with potato with cheese and

fresh salad with our own salad cheese.

3.590 isk.




Homemade Geysir bread ice-cream

With whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce.

1.790 isk.


White chocolate skyr mousse

With raspberry- and rhubarb topping,
meringue and liquorice. 

1.890 isk.


Vogafjós cake

With pecan nuts, chocolate and caramel. 

Served with whipped cream.

1.390 isk.


Raw cake

Served with whipped cream.

1.390 isk.


Homemade cake

Please ask the waiter as we offer different variety of homemade cakes from day to day.

1.390 isk. 


For children under 12

Grilled sandwich 

With ham and cheese

850 isk. 


Soup and bread

1.200 isk.


Burger with cheese

With ketchup on the side

1.350 isk.