Group Menu 2016

Group menu 2016 - minimum 11 persons. 
1 person free for every 10 paying. 

Farm to table dinner: 

Menu no. 1 

  • Homemade raw smoked lamb served with cottage cheese and blueberry jam 
  • Panfried arctic char and potatoes, served with fresh salad and salad cheese from the farm 
  • Pancake with jam and whipped cream 
  • Coffee/tea Price pr person 7.990 ISK 

Menu no. 2 

  • Example of our homemade local products, smoked lamb, Mıvatn mozzarella, Geysir bread, smoked arctic char or dill cured arctic char. 
  • Lambshanks served with potato cake, garlic bread, fresh salad and salad cheese. 
  • Homemade Geysir bread icecream with warm chocolatesauce and whipped cream. 
  • Coffee/tea
    Price pr person 8.850 ISK


Menu no. 3 

  • Our own mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and Geysir bread
  • Panfried arctic char with potato cake, fresh salad and our own Myvatn salad cheese 
  • Skyr with warm berrysauce and cream
  • Coffee/tea
    Price pr person 7.650 ISK



Farm to table lunch:

Menu no. 1 

  • Goulash stew served with „Geysir“ bread
  • Homemade geysir bread icecream 
  • Coffee/tea 
    Price pr person 4.100 ISK 

Menu no. 2 

  • House salad served with our homemade salad cheese and Geysir bread 
  • "Skyr" with warm berry sauce and cream 
  • Coffee/tea 
    Price pr person 4.100 ISK

Most of the food at the restaurant is homemade and/or a product of the farm. We only use meat from our farm, we make cheese from our own milk and also serve our milk as a refreshment. We bake the „Geysir“ bread in the earth and cakes ourselves as well as smoking both meat and arctic char. We make our products the „old way“ as much as possible. Our ambition is to serve the finest quality products and let our guests experience the traditional local food of our area. 


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